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Louisiana Gymnastics Club is Expanding!!!!!!!!! We have been here in Youngsville for the past 4 years. It is time to grow and expand!!! WE ARE BUILDING A BUILDING IT’S GOING TO BE BIG IT’S GOING TO BE BEAUTIFUL Check out this amazing video showing what’s to come. Make sure you follow along as we release more information about our programs, open pre registration wait lists and share our progress. Thank you all so much. Can’t wait for this new adventure to start. ❤️ -Coach Darren and Laurie. This amazing video done by ________________________________ Captured 🎥 & Produced 🎞 by : CJTINN

Posted by Louisiana Gymnastics Club on Monday, September 30, 2019

From high in the sky

It's going to be beautiful.

a few more photos

More parking!!! Almost double our old building.

Why are we expanding?

We opened originally in 2015 with 4,500sqft using 3 spaces of the Jolie Marche Shopping Center off of Hwy 92 in Youngsville. Our classes were full and we maxed out our space. This past year we took over another space in the center dedicating the new 1500 sqft to our preschool gymnastics program and increasing waiting space for parents. We will be expanding from our current 6,000 sqft space into a new 14,400 sqft building on a beautiful piece of property. Being in our current space we have a few limitations in what we can offer and equipment we can have in the building due to ceiling height and width of the building. We also currently run a split schedule where the gym is focused on either gymnastics or tumbling depending on the hour we are teaching. Parking is another big issue. We have figured out how to structure our classes and efficiently use our space but the amount of parking we have is limited.

What can you expect in the new space?

The Gym

The New facility will be state of the art. We will have 12,000sqft dedicated in gym space with 4,400 sqft allotted for parent comfort and offices. The gym will have 20’ high ceiling clearance throughout and have an extensive inground pit system. The expanded space will allow for full size Olympic gymnastics equipment along with an array of progressive teaching stations. The progressive stations allow gymnasts to take incremental steps when learning difficult or dangerous skills while maximizing safety and accelerating learning. The inground pit system goes hand in hand with the approach. It will create multiple landing surfaces types from loose foam style pit to sunken super soft squish matting that allow for more or less error when landing and learning. The pit system also brings more of everyone’s favorite. Trampolines. We’ll have multiple in ground trampolines of various sizes and bounciness. Not only are they are tons of fun they give us more tools to teach with.

All the space and equipment will allow us to teach more students and teach them better. Our class offerings will also expand increasing convenience for our families. I’m not going to go into all the cool tech we are going to have. You’ll have to see it once it’s in there. Of course I could talk about all the amazingly awesome things we will have in the gym for days. I’m still having more ideas every day as its becoming more real. I’ve had this place in my head for the past 7 years and that’s not counting childhood dream years.

The Property

The part or the project I’m really excited about is the property itself and all the auxiliary space the building will have. The property is beautiful and we have so much room. It is almost 7 ½ acres with a pond in the font and some really cool trails in the back. We’ll be cleaning up the front ½ of the property and adding a walking path around the pond along with plenty parking. Our gym occupies ½ the units of our current building. That means we only ½ of the parking spaces are actually dedicated to us. Once completed we’ll have almost double the parking spaces of the whole building we are in. That’s almost 4 times the spaces we currently have. The back of the property will allow us to expand what we do with our summer camp program with it’s open space and the trails. Part of the property will be cleaned up creating shaded area for picnics and other outdoor activities. Its pretty cool to have the opportunity to create an amazing thing for the community.

For the Parents

I had put a ton of thought into what equipment we needed to teach what we teach better. Once we opened our current space we started thinking what would be awesome for parents that have to sit and wait for their kids. You have to come here. It might as well be an amazing experience for you too.

We are still getting more input from our people of what do they wish the new gym will have and we are making tweaks to make things better. The parents of our students have been the best and have graciously stood by us knowing we are doing the best we can with the lobby/viewing area we have. We are going to have dedicated space for them almost as large our whole original gym when we first opened. We also have the ability to expand that once we add access to the second level.

The front of the building will have a large open front lobby entrance and front desk area and a few options of how you would like to spend your wait. Instead of a normal waiting/viewing area we are trying to create a more comfortable waiting experience. We will have normal window viewing but we’ll have a few other options. We’ll have one area as a designated area for parents with active younger siblings. The walls will be full of creative fun things to play with and stay entertained. Another area will be a quite reading nook. The main waiting area I’m pretty excited about. Imagine a coffee shop with the snacks, wifi, comfortable seating, TV’s with and outdoor patio seating option that just happens to be attached to your child’s gymnastics gym. That’s what we are going to have. It will be comfortable for work, homework or just sitting and waiting. It should be nice enough that even if your kids don’t have class that day spending time there will be a positive experience for them and you.

The front will also have a large party room. If you been to one of our birthday parties you would know they are amazing and the kids have great time. Our pinch point on how well we can accommodate our guest on their special day has our lobby seating and table space. That will be a thing of the past. The new party room will be huge. It’s basically the same size as all the standing room of our current location but all in one room dedicated to parties.

What will it do for our companies growth?

It will be tremendous. It will allow us to teach and positively impact so many more kids by sharing the amazing sport of gymnastics.
More programs.
Better programs.
More convenience.
It will also allow us to do so much for the community and play a bigger part. It will be a beautiful place that I hope will change peoples lives for the better.

When will the project be completed?

Our original plan was to have the project completed before summer 2020. We’ve had some delays getting started so the expected completion has been moved to July 2020 end of summer for a 2020-2021 Next School Year start.

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