Closure Update from LA Gym Club - 3/23/20

  • Good Morning LA Gym Club Parents! As we near the end of the month, it has become evident that we will not be able to reopen our doors on April 1 as we had hoped. We do not have a tentative date to resume classes as the covid-19 situation is still progressing. This is a scary time for everyone as we all worry about the health of our family and loved ones. As a local small business owner, the impact of a long lasting closure is very worrisome. We are doing everything we can to stay afloat at this time. We have applied for assistance and will fight with everything we have to remain open for our kids and families that we love so much! We miss you all and want to get back to normal as soon as possible!! As April 1st approaches, we would like to give you your options for tuition payment. No matter which option you choose, you will not be paying for upcoming weeks that we don’t have class. We have simply set up some options that will give you credits as well as member benefits and perks in hopes that it will smooth the hit for everyone. OPTION 1: Stay enrolled and earn credits! The entire amount of your tuition paid during the closure will be used as a CREDIT on your account. This credit will be spread out to lower your tuition over the NEXT 10 MONTHS of classes. You will also receive an ADDITIONAL CREDIT for a free Parents Night Out or a Half Day Camp per month for each enrolled student. Ex: You pay $85 tuition April 1st, your tuition will be decreased by $8.50 for the next 10 months and you will receive a credit for a Parents Night Out or a Half Day Camp. In order to choose OPTION 1, you must fill out the form on the REQUESTS & FORMS tab. OPTION 2: $20 Hold My Spot Our second option is to pay $20 per month during the closure for each child enrolled to hold their space in class. This payment will be put onto your account as a CREDIT per student per month closed to use for Parents Night Out or a Half Day Camp. Ex: You pay $20 per child April 1st and you will receive a credit for a Parents Night Out or a Half Day Camp per student. In order to choose OPTION 2, you must fill out the form on the REQUESTS & FORMS tab. Option 3: Drop Your Class We completely understand that not everyone is in a position to stay enrolled in extra curricular activities at this time. Our flexible drop/enroll policy allows you to drop a class at any time before payments are run on the first of the month. You are also free to re enroll at anytime as we start new students every month. There is still no registration fee. While this option can not guarantee your exact class space, we will do our best to get your child where they need to be at time of re enrollment. To choose OPTION 3, you must fill out the form on the REQUESTS & FORMS tab. In addition to this email, these options and all updates can be found on the home page of our app and on the requests and forms page of our website. If you don’t already utilize our app you can find it in the Google Play Store by clicking here or in the iTunes Store by Link clicking here. It’s super easy to use and you can manage all of you account information through the app. We will be sending this email several times this week to ensure that the info gets to all of our customers. Thank you so much for all of your support over the years and at this time. We will weather this storm together and come out stronger on the other side. In the meantime, if you haven’t already, check out some of our online content we have put out for you! Hope it keeps your kiddos entertained and moving! Sending love to all of you. Stay safe and we hope to see you soon! Laurie, Darren and the LA Gym Club Family!!
  • Closure Update from LA Gym Club - 3/17/20 **LA GYM CLUB CLOSURE** In light of recent news and restrictions the gym will be closed through the month of March. We are monitoring the situation and have high hopes that we will be able to re open by April 1st. However the situation is changing by the day so we will take it as it comes. There will be ample opportunity to make up missed classes when we return. We will update you again as it gets closer to the end of the month. In the meantime, be on the lookout for some fun and useful online content! We want the kids to still have some fun gym experience even if its from home! We hope you are all staying healthy and safe. Let us know if you have any questions. The best way to reach us at this point is through email or Facebook messenger. We will also be checking phone messages periodically. We hope to see you all again soon! ❤️🙃 Laurie, Darren and the whole LA Gym Club Family **A letter from Coach Darren:** Hey Guys, It’s 11:55 and I’m wide awake and can’t fall asleep. I figured doing a brain dump might help. I know I will have to close the gym in the morning. I’ve know that since yesterday afternoon. I’ve been trying to wrap my head around it. I’ve been trying to wrap my head around everything that’s going on. How do you do it? How do you deal with it? How do you survive it as a business and a family? We cleaned everything. We had adjusted schedules to comply with guidance and the news just kept coming. If you know me you know I am a glass ½ full kinda guy. I’ll always try to find the bright side in situations. I always do. It’s so weird these days how connected we are on social media. I’ll go in and out of times where I feel like I’m talking to everyone via insta and facebook stories every day and it’s a great feeling. Today I made a video and it felt weird just picking up the camera to start saying what we were doing. It’s like a cloud was floating around me. These are crazy times. I’ve been saying in my more candid text with friends that I’m just trying to figure out how to steer the boat. As the business owner I feel that’s my roll. Stay calm. Cut through the chatter and don’t crash the boat. This whole thing is so nuts. As I’ve been typing this I have an internal dialog that is much more raw than what I have typed so far. I was trying to tap into that voice to quiet it down. That’s the whole reason I started writing. The truth is as a business owner it is a very scary time. We have this amazing expansion going on. I’ve had so many people tell me things like ”great job.” “The gym must be doing fantastic.“ “Congratulations”. But the secret is there’s only one way to get a ball that big to start rolling. You have to push really really hard for a long time and then you have go all in. You stack resources until someone else believes your crazy vision then you push them all on the table at the same time and you let the dealing of the next hand begin. Our current position: The project is funded. That’s great. But until it’s done. This whole thing is like a house of cards. I know deep down it’s all going to work and all this hoopla I’m typing will be in the past. The world always keeps going and every wave has a trough and a crest. If things can get this bad then things can also be the opposite. If I believe that to be true then this should be easy but it’s not. As a gym we are good through the end of the month. What happens next month who knows. It’s a weird place to be in. All I can do is try stay stoic and evaluate my resources to see how the storm must be weathered. It feels weird to even be writing this. Everyone is going through this right now. We are not alone. We are not special. Why should anyone care what’s going on in my head. Those thought in a weird way ended up being the comforting thing for me. I had the thought today of how alone people must feel having to deal with business crisis while everyone else around them is going about there normal days. That’s has to be infinitely worse than what we are dealing with. We currently have everyone to share our thoughts questions and concerns with. Life is not that bad. Gymnastics is my life. How awesome is that??I take that back. My family is my life. Gymnastics is a huge part that life. The gym is part of my family. I love our staff and love all of the families that make up our gym family. Laurie always messes with me for saying I love you to our people. But it’s true. I’m happy. And I love you guys for that. All I want to do is be the coach that kids can look up to and feel challenged by to be better and grow. A want to create an environment that employees feel happy working along side and love being a part of and have customers that enjoy being on the ride to see where the vision is going. I think all of those things have currently come true. So it appears there’s not much to worry about. I had a wise old man tell me one to be concerned but don’t stress. Stress will kill you. Concern will make you focus and do a good job. If you’ve actually read all this I appreciate it. It’s now 12:37 / 1:19 and I’m trying to think of how to close this letter. Only thing that comes to mind now is Thank You. Thank you for being along on this crazy ride. I’ll do my best to not wreck the boat. :) Love you guys -Coach Darren

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